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What Do These Origami Figures Have in Common?

Yes, I’m sure you guessed right! They are all modular origami models because they’re made by joining together several separate units.

But they also share another common trait!

The units used to build each piece are made with variations of the easy-to-make Windmill Base.

In their recently published e-book “Origami, La Base Molino” –Origami The windmill base, Laura Azcoaga and Maria Eugenia Sandín (Argentina) share what they’ve discovered while exploring the potential of the familiar windmill base, and how it can be used as a module to build more complex creations.

This comprehensive overview of the windmill base features a large number of diagrams, including instructions for newly-published polyhedra and kusudamas, along with creative ideas for making useful, decorative, and fun origami models.

As an added bonus, the text is written in both Spanish and English. If you are learning Spanish, this will be an opportunity to practice your language skills as well!.

Click here see the table of contents and to order book.
Visit Origami -La Base Molino Facebook page if you have questions for the authors.

Gift wrapping idea using origami


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