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Origami Video Tutorial – A Carrot for an Origami Rabbit

A model design of Leyla Torres

An origami model titled "Carrot" designed by Leyla Torres

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May years ago I joined the Simple Origami Facebook Group which featured various origami creativity challenges.

One of these was to create a model with a triangular piece of pape which inspired the origin of this origami carrot. The model is simple and made with a triangular piece of paper. To make the triangle, cut a square diagonally into two pieces.

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Tips and suggestions for making the origami carrot

  • In the video, the carrot is demonstrated using thin orange/green paper.
  • For a striking effect, the colors of each side should be different. Bright orange paper that’s green on the other side is ideal.
  • A 6×6-inch (15×15 cm) square is perfect to cut in half diagonally and make two triangles.
  • One carrot can be made from each triangle.
  • Since the combination orange/green is hard to find, you can work with one orange triangle and one green triangle back to back and fold them as if they were one piece of paper. (An easy way to do this is shown in the video)
  • Make sure you watch the full video. You’ll never guess what happens to that carrot! 😉

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