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CfC3 Origami Convention – Bogotá, Colombia – Day 3

The Community for Creators of Origami had its Third International Convention, CfC3, in Bogotá, Colombia the weekend of February 10 – 12, 2023.

Attendees come from four continents and met for three days in The Japan Center at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. Here we feature some of the models and origami creators who attended this event.

James Ojascastro
James is a botanist and an Origamist and has a deeply engaged interest in paper and the plants this material can be made from. His understanding of the natural world blends with his creative vision which is expressed as much through the papers he chooses, as the origami models he makes. Some of the papers he uses are Sweetgum; Lokhu foil; Dogbane (Apocynum); Vietnamese haupau; Thai unryu (Mulberry); Dó liệt (bootlace bush from Vietnam); Zanders Elefantenhaut (Papyrus); Venezuelan banknotes. More information about James and his work is found HERE and HERE.

Madonna Yoder
Madonna has been folding for 15 years. Her interest in origami began with representational models, transitioned to modular origami, and then evolved to tessellations. Modonna started her origami business, Gathering Folds, in early 2020 with a primary emphasis on tessellations. Madonna offers her personal work for sale, and teaches how to fold, photograph, display, and teach origami. A 5-part free video series on tessellation basics which teaches everything from gridding techniques to twists to larger structures in tessellations is available on her website. More information about Madonna and her work is found HERE. Sign up for her free video series HERE.

Jon Tucker
Jon Tucker is from Cleveland, Ohio. A sampling of Jon’s work is found on FLIKR, and also HERE and HERE.

Jens Kober
Jens started folding at a young age and began designing his own models in 2008. His main focus is on complex representative models that have clean lines and a deceptively simple appearance. He is a member of Origami Deutschland, the Origami Sociëteit Nederland, Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papiers, and Origami USA. As time, budget, and opportunity permits, Jens loves to attend conventions worldwide. More information about Jens and his work is found HERE and HERE.

Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander’s Origami love affair started at 5 when he fell in love with a humble origami paper cup at his local library. When he reached his early teens Chris’s creative passions bloomed to embrace the epic scale of timeless myths, heroes, villains, monsters, knights, a princess in distress, and climactic battles between the forces of good and evil played out on the silver screen. Star Wars has been a creative muse to Chris all these many years and it has informed and shaped his Origami journey which began now a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… More information about Chris and his work is found HERE.

Miguel Gañán
Miguel Gañan (Spain) studied aeronautical engineering in ETSIA Madrid University. He discovered Origami in 2007 and from the start was primarily interested in Origami as it related to geometry and mathematics. He designed several modular models based on Tomoko Fuse´s units and “snapology” and in 2011 discovered tessellations. In 2017 he created his first tessellation designs which evolved from plain tessellations into models based on boxes, closed cubes and tatos. More information about Miguel and his work is found HERE.

Ilan Garibi
Ilan started practicing origami when he was 12 years old which in time evolved into a career as an origami artist. Ilan’s creative focus is on geometrical and repetitive patterns which has included the application of tessellations to metal, wood, fabric, and glass. Ilan makes original paper models as expressive art objects and he also creates decorative objects for the home. More information about Ilan and his work can be found HERE.

Andrés Sanchez
Andrés Sanchez (Colombia) has been creating origami since he was a child. As a biologist, Andres sees how his professional work has influenced his creative work as an origamist. When he designs a figure he experiments with different papers and ideas, and his explorations have led him to see a connection between what he sees in nature and what he discovers in his creative work. More information about Andrés and his work can be found HERE.

Paul Hanson
When Paul discovered Origami as a child it appeared magical. His interest in Origami as an adult is for its expressiveness as an art form. For Paul, Origami demands a minimalist approach to representing an object within the limitation of the paper medium. Understanding how an origami model can be created and realizing those creative steps in such a way that this model can be shared with and replicated by others is origami’s unique challenge. More information about Paul and his work can be found HERE.

Thank you to CfC3 and everyone who made this event a wonderful and memorable success.

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