Hans Dybkjær – A Wide Range of Origami Creativity and Teaching


Born in 1961 and raised in a relatively rural part of Denmark, Hans Dybkjær lived with his parents in a house where heating and cooking were done with wood. Besides his regular studies, Hans learned origami from his parents at an early age.

In 1981 Hans entered university where he met his wife, Laila. Their daughter was born in 1986 and then in 1988, they welcomed a son. In 1991, Hans earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen following which he taught at Roskilde University as an assistant, and then later as an associate professor.

A few Origami books that have been important to Hans are the 1970 Danish translation of Harbin’s Origami 1, Isao Honda’s The World of Origami, and in particular the Creative Origami by Kunihiko Kasahara.

A dimpled version of the Stellated Octahedron (the Sam Ciulla Star)

In 1992 Hans joined Thoki Yen’s Danish Origami Centre where he met Simon Andersen an origami artist who was uniquely influential in the development of Hans’s origami thinking.

Currently, Hans is writing a book about Simon’s work ‘Birds in Origami – Designs by Simon Andersen’ available in late spring or early summer 2023.

In 2006 Hans was able to dedicate more time and effort to Origami focusing on model design, writing articles and books, and giving presentations.

Danish Origami Society

In 2010 he co-founded the Danish Origami Society which has about 15 members and for which he is the current chairman. (Website >>> HERE)

If someone wants to meet Hans in Copenhagen, he may be found at the local group folding session every Wednesday afternoon.

Visit Hans’ WEBSITE and Facebook page.

“I like quite a range of origami. The fun, the paper and other materials, the colours, the math, the creativity, the design, the construction, the …, as well as teaching it. ~Hans Dybkjær

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Hans Tessellation (Opposite sides of the same piece)


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  1. hi leyla – love your website. i was hoping to find a link to hans’ website and find the simon andersen diagrams that used to be there, but i dont see them now. do you know if there’s another link to those diagrams? thank you.

  2. Tres intéressant ce que vous faites. C est inspirant! Moi j habite le Québec et je fais partie d un groupe d origami de 5 personnes. J ai hâte que vous sortiez votre livre. Sur ce bob pliage!

    Cécile Bélanger


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