How to Make an Origami Calla Lily

During a recent visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, I sat for a while in front of a large painting by Diego Rivera, Flower Festival: Feast of Santa Anita. The painting depicts three peasants kneeling before a bearer of white calla lilies at a Good Friday flower festival.

As I sat there in front of Rivera’s Flower Festival an idea occurred to me for designing an origami calla lily. At the time of that MoMA visit I had been folding many origami hearts. Returning home and seated at my work table, I figured that one of these hearts could be the basis for my calla lily design.

I was familiar with an origami calla lily made with a single piece of paper, but realized that making it with three pieces would produce a more elegant flower.

Dividing the flower into separate components eliminates the bulk of many overlaid layers that result when folding a complete flower of petals, stamen, and stem, from a single sheet.

In the following video, I’ll demonstrate how to make my origami calla lily design from three pieces of paper.