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Make an Origami Rabbit Heart in Less Than 7 minutes

The  rabbit symbolizes abundance, fertility, procreation, new life, spring, intuition, inner light, playfulness and joy. And everyone loves a rabbit, especially a fun and easy origami rabbit! This figure, an origami rabbit-heart, is a charming variation of an origami heart that was featured on an earlier post here at OrigamiSpirit.

By simply adding a bit of string, our origami bunny becomes a necklace that children can wear while hunting for Easter eggs.  They’ll love it!

And it’s also a cool idea for a baby shower or birthday party favor.

But even when there is no special day or event in sight, making an origami rabbit for the pleasure and joy of folding paper is quite enough. Try it!

Here are video instructions showing how to make this easy origami rabbit heart and necklace.


Here you will find more origami bunnies and videos showing how to make origami figures.

Tips for the Origami Rabbit Heart

  • Use a rectangular piece about 6 x 4.5 inches or any rectangle in the proportions of 3:4.
  • Duo-color paper is ideal. If, for example, you are using paper that’s white on one side and pink on the other, begin with the pink side up. The figure will have pink ears.
  • Use thin pieces of string about 25 inches long to make the rabbits into necklaces.

Here are Juanita and her daughter, Nicole, wearing their own origami rabbit necklaces.


I also strung several hearts side to side, and made a bunny-heart garland.

My mischievous little kitty cat, Coco, was delighted… “Ooooh, Leyla is making another toy for me!” she thought, looking down from the ledge where I’d hung the origami garland.

Fortunately, Coco’s little paws waited until I finished photographing the garland before she removed it for me. Coco loves origami rabbits too!

origami rabbit-heart garland

Do you have any other ideas on how to use or display this origami rabbit-heart?
Please share with us in the comments.

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Rabbit as a symbol: abundance, fertility, new life, procreation, springtime, intuition, inner light, playfulness, joy.

10 thoughts on “Make an Origami Rabbit Heart in Less Than 7 minutes”

  1. Thank you! Loved it, already made it, but have a request…could you show us what to to do with the beautiful strips of paper that are left behind?

  2. Hola Leyla ..Gracias por compartir este lindo diseño tuyo.. Tu pides alguna otra idea como para otra decoración. A mi se me ocurre que, tambien puede quedar perfecto adornando un cintillo o una pulsera.
    Un saludo afectuoso desde Chile, Aída Urrutia Uribe


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