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How to Make a Paper Fortune Cookie -Use it as a Party Favor!

This origami fortune cookie has no gluten, no sugar, no carbs, no calories!! Add a couple of folds to this origami heart and you will end up with a charming paper cookie that can be used as a party favor.

Origami fortune cookies and fortune hearts go well together. Use the fortune cookie to insert a message and attach the heart to a teabag. You are ready for a tea party!

Photo courtesy of Carol Hodsdon

This is a perfect example of how small transformations applied to an existing origami model can lead to the creation of a new model. In this case, a heart was transformed into a fortune cookie. When folding paper we need to keep our eyes open to creative ideas and new possibilities.

You can fold this paper fortune cookie from the following video tutorial. No glue or scissors are necessary.

YouTube player

Tips and suggestions for making the origami Fortune Cookie

  • In the video, the cookie is demonstrated using computer paper
  • Any thin and crisp paper is ideal to use for these cookies. Copy paper, kami, tant papers can all be used for this figure.
  • It is ideal to use paper of the same color on both sides.
  • Use a solid-color piece of paper. An ideal paper size (real size cookie) is about 4.5 x 4.5 inches or 11 x 11 cm.
Make these puffy origami hearts as party favors too.

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