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How to Make a Paper Heart -It’s a Fortune Heart!

Hearts, hearts, origami hearts. We all love them and the joy of practicing origami makes the precious blessing of our days even more so.

While folding paper we focus on the positive, dwell in the present moment, and become aware of the grace and boundless possibilities that exist both in our interior and exterior life.

Making origami means creating moments of joy for ourselves and for those with whom we can share it

Once you get the hang of it, you can make this origami fortune heart (designed by Leyla Torres) in three minutes. From this origami heart, you can add a couple of folds and make an origami fortune cookie. Fortune cookies and fortune hearts. Don’t these go well together?

You can fold this origami heart from the following video tutorial.

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Tips and suggestions for making the origami heart

  • In the video, the heart is demonstrated using computer paper
  • Any thin and crisp paper is ideal to use for these hearts. Copy paper, kami, tant, gift wrapping papers can all be used for this figure.
  • Use a (solid-color) piece of paper that’s at least 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm.) when you make this model for the first time. Only one side of the paper will be visible in the finished figure.
Make these puffy origami hearts as party favors.

After you make this heart, you are two steps away from making a fortune cookie, and what better cookies than these –no gluten, no sugar, no carbs, no calories!

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