Make an Easy Origami Card for Mom

Do you need to make an easy greeting card for Mom?

Here is an idea on how to use this origami flower to make a quick greeting card.

Watch the following video for tips and ideas on how to easily make a card and write your message.

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Tips to make an easy greeting card for Mom

  • Make the flower and leaves as demonstrated in the video BELOW.
  • Fold a letter-size piece of paper (cardstock) in half lengthwise.
  • Cut in half to make two cards.
  • Glue a flower and a leaf onto one of the cards.
  • Prewrite your message on another piece of paper, near a straight edge (shown in the video ABOVE).
  • Use it as a guide to center your message on the card (shown in the video ABOVE).
  • Place it in an envelope.
  • Mail it!

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This is the video to make the flower

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2 thoughts on “Make an Easy Origami Card for Mom”

  1. Leyla, I hadn’t really looked at this pretty little flower before but it would make a nice Remembrance Poppy for Veterans’ or Memorial Day. (Red petals with a black center) Brits often wear red poppies in remembrance of war veterans. Coincidentally, I received the posting for this card on what is considered VE Day, Victory over Europe when WWII ended in Europe.

    • That’s a wonderful idea, Talo. Thinking of different colors for the same flower provide us with different meanings and creative ideas. Thank you for sharing yours here!


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