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Two Origami Tips for Play and Creativity – Dáša Ševerová

Recently, in the Origamigos Membership, we spent a lovely hour speaking with Dasa Severova, a prolific origami artist and creator.

Dáša enjoys teaching and she is particularly interested in how origami can be used in a classroom setting to demonstrate a clear understanding of geometry. Dasa is resourcefully creative, and likes to work with different materials combining paper with fabric, wool, and metal. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. Her eagerness to learn and explore infectious. She is a wonderfully sensitive teacher and I share here an excerpt of our conversation.

In the following video, an excerpt of our interview, where Dasa shares two practical origami tips that can help with your creativity with origami. Read about her wonderful Origami book below the video .

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Dasa was born in Slovakia and studied mathematics and biology at university. Our conversation and follow-up questions from other members was primarily about her passion for creativity and related origami topics including:

  • Her interest in origami miniatures and tips for jewelry making.
  • The magic of interacting with other origami creators as a source of inspiration.
  • Her color choices to make origami figures.
  • The role of “play” in her origami design process.
  • Her collaboration with other designers as a diagram maker.
  • Her book: Origami Journey: into the Fascinating World of Geometric Origami

Dasa’s book, Origami Journey: into the Fascinating World of Geometric Origami, is a useful resource treasure. The book is perfect for the beginner or more advanced folder.

Anyone who explores the models presented is in for a treat as they’re taken on a colorful and intriguing journey through Dasa’s creative world. Between the covers of this book are thirty-five original designs of stars, flowers, decorations, and boxes that range from simple to complex. You can purchase Dasa’s book here, on Amazon.*


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