An Origami Resource in Spanish: Diálogos Origámicos

Do you love origami? Would you like to practice your Spanish language skills?

If you’re proficient in Spanish, my friend Gerardo Gacharná welcomes you to “Diálogos Origámicos“, an online text group to discuss and share your enthusiasm for paper folding.

The group uses the Discord platform. For those of you who might not be familiar with Discord, it’s a mix between WhatsApp and an online forum.

There are two ways to access the Discord platform:

  • From your computer browser (no need for an app, browser extension, or software)
  • From a smartphone using the Discord app.

In Diálogos Origámicos you will find different sections for different topics, such as Noticias for worldwide origami updates, “YoLoHice” for sharing pictures of your folds and creations, AyudaOrigami for getting help on things like tricky steps, ElJuegoPleguemos for our on-going folding game, and MásOrigami for open origami conversations. These are just a few of the group’s sections.

 ¡Bienvenidas y bienvenidos! All are welcome! You can find more information about the group, and the link to join, in the following website (in Spanish, of course!)

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