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origami flapping birds made with recycled paper
  1. Origami is portable. You can practice it anywhere.
  2. Origami relieves stress. You can focus on the present moment and feel at peace. It is meditative.
  3. Origami is affordable. You don’t need expensive materials.
  4. Origami is artistic. It’s poetry with paper. You can play with colors, textures  and shapes. You can even put out a performance!
  5. Origami is infinite. You can discover endless symmetry and variations on the same themes.
  6. Origami keeps you young. You can exercise your memory and play with action origami toys.
  7. Origami is gratifying You can experience immediate satisfaction by folding someone else’s model or your own creations.
  8. Origami is social. You connect to other human beings by exploring the mind and the heart of the person who created a model, by sharing with other people who are passionate for origami, and by giving away folded models and getting a smile in return.
  9. Origami is multicultural. It is a language in itself. You can travel and communicate with paperfolders around the planet through the activity of folding paper.
  10. Origami is eco-friendly. You can recycle a piece of paper from last week’s magazine or your bagel wrap. Just cut out a square and start folding it. Origami is ‘Green’!

Here is a video with instructions to fold a flapping bird.

Go ahead, fold something today and tell us how you like it!

Do you have more reasons why to practice origami? Please share them in here.

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  • Govind Kulkarni January 29, 2018, 3:09 am

    Origami makes the generation gap vanish.
    Origami teaches one to be carefully handle men & material.
    Origami teaches to follow instructions & respect rules.
    Origami teaches orderliness.

    • Leyla Torres January 29, 2018, 11:43 am

      Thank you for contributing your reasons to practice origami!

  • yeribel May 3, 2012, 6:29 pm

    asi es… felicitaciones`por excelentes videos de enseñanza

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