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Two Ways to Be Creative With Origami Models

To make the origami turtle featured here (video below), I began with a two dimensional model designed by Sok Song. I then added a couple of folds to turn it into a 3D figure.

These are two suggestions I’d like to share here about being creative with origami.

1. Make subtle modifications to an existing design
As you fold an existing model, always keep your eyes open for ways in which you can alter or add to the folding sequence. Step away from the diagrams! Results might not be entirely original, but your modifications are a step toward developing your own creations.

2. Choose the paper carefully
Paper choice is a personal and important consideration in the creative process. For the origami turtle I chose a paper with a texture that was similar to that of a turtle’s shell. Fortunately, I had a number of lovely Brazilian handmade papers to choose from.

Papers courtesy of Lus de Pessoa, contat her facebook page for information.

This video shows how to fold Sok Song’s original origami turtle design and my variation.

Thank you Sok  for granting permission to feature his origami turtle.
Diagrams for Sok’s turtle appear in his book Crease and Fold


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4 thoughts on “Two Ways to Be Creative With Origami Models”

  1. Thank you for mentioning the importance of paper selection. Many times it plays a critical role in producing a well crafted model.


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