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A year’s Journal -Leyla’s Origami Worktable

A few weeks ago I picked up the Sunday newspaper and on the front cover was a large photograph of white folded stars against a blue background. The stars looked like small people to me, and the image was uplifting. I opened the paper, and read.

Some articles were difficult to get through, reminding me of and describing in detail the endless and frightful difficulties that so many people endure at this time, on this small planet we all call home.

No matter what personal challenges I might have, these seem small compared to the unpleasant events I was reminded of that day.

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to share this quiet and safe art of origami with many people far and near. I think we all do the world a great service in practicing, and sharing, our gentle art.

So, as I have done in past years, in the following video I share with all of you, all of my friends, my visual journal… what happened at my own origami table in the year 2015.

As you will see, on some of my cleaning-out and cleaning up days the whole floor of my studio became an extension of my worktable. There was paper all over the place! But you will also see who gave me some help in my effort to organize.

(give this embed clip a minute to load)

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I hope in the year that begins now you have opportunities to grow and fulfill your desires, and are inspired to add beauty and love to the world.

Keep folding, keep sharing, and ever cultivate a little island of peace during your days.

Here are links to origami models shown in the visual journal:


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How to Make an Origami Shamrock –It’s a dish too!
Origami Flower for a Guinness World-Record Attempt
Inflatable Origami Frog -Classic and Traditional

A Cute Origami Cat -It’s a Box Too! (Version 1 of 2)
A Cute Origami Cat -It’s a Box Too! (Version 2 of 2)


Origami Cat love
Origami Traditional Box -Sanbo Box
The Mondrian Cube: Quiet Elegance and Mathematical Beauty

How to Make an Origami Dragonfly


Origami Flower -Beautiful, Easy and Fast to Fold
Origami Sunflower -Bring Joy and Happiness to Your Life!

Origami Sunflower 2 -Bring Joy and Happiness to Your Life!
Drop Everything and Make this Origami Dog!
Make an Origami Carousel -It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!


One Origami Box, Three Variations


Oink! Make an Origami Pig
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How to Make an Origami Goldfish
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An Origami House for Lady Coco Cat

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. . . . . 

Full List of Visual Journals:

24 thoughts on “A year’s Journal -Leyla’s Origami Worktable”

  1. Dear Leyla,
    As usual your video is extraordinary. I love the music, it is a pleasure to see your studio.
    Coco is a big helper ;-) but I know John is the best one.
    Best wishes for you and your helpers for 2016
    Elsa Lucia

  2. I wrote too effusive and long an e mail! Just to say how much your work means to me. And your cat has a fan in me, also. Bet he liked the mice, yum yum. Please continue in 2016 and may you have a joyful and blessed year.

  3. Than you for a wonderful start to 2016 with your year’s collection of all your work..Prodigious!~ And I love your assistant, a lovely addition to your work table. I have managed to fold about 1/2 of the origami you have created. Wish I could do more. BTW, where did you get the card, ” Keep Calm and Fold Origami”? That is cool!. I am folding 150 hearts for a Chick-a- fil
    for her wedding in March. That will keep me busy! And a library display with a friend of “Sea-Land-and Space” this month, with some John Zinger figures for Land. Please keep up your origami if you can. It keeps me going.

    • Dear Wilma Jean,
      I bought the “Keep Calm and Fold Origami” card from some friends in Mexico, actually…in 2014 when I went to their origami convention.
      I don’t know where they might be available at the moment.
      Best wishes for the new year!

  4. Leyla and John, it is totally beautiful video, not just about origami, but photography and entertainment, I love to have Coco, it makes it more fun to go with your designs. Looking forward to seeing your elegant designs and tutorials which are enjoyable. Happy New Year and with best wishes.

  5. Leyla,

    I look forward to your visual journal video every year. You put a lot of thought and effort into making Origami Spirit a beautiful and inspiring part of the Internet. Thank you for posting!

  6. The video is just lovely. Music uplifting, color and shapes and arrangements eye pleasing. One beautiful creative year accomplished. A spititual journey and creative discipline in a capsule of time. Thank you. A grateful follower from Maryland, USA. RJ

  7. I am so touched by your dedication to the art of origami.
    In addition of your talent, I feel your heart in each of your creation. I am sure it’s why your web site is so perfect!

  8. “Hands to work and hearts to God” is the true spirit of life.
    Thank you for sharing your craft in a way that no matter how terrible things may get in the world around us, there is a way to connect spiritually and make our fears and stresses go away even if it is just for an hour.
    I remember a book telling the plight of a little girl who was hurt during the atomic bombing in Japan. She learned how to fold paper cranes. She thought as long as she kept folding, she would continue to live. Although she died, the art of Origami helped keep her hope alive.
    Thank you for dedication and hard work. It is making a big impression on those who are following your spirit.
    Happiness and health to you, John, and your sweet Coco in the new year.

    • You are welcome Pat. The girl you mention is Sadako Sasaki. In 1958, a statue of Sadako holding a golden crane was unveiled in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. At the foot of the statue is a plaque that reads:
      “This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace in the world.”
      Best wishes for this new year!

  9. Dear Leyla,
    What a beautiful video did you make. Lovely.
    Regards and happy folding in this new year from Jannie.


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