Star of Gratitude -6 Ways to Enhance it for Decoration

In a previous post and video, you learned how to make the Star of Gratitude. The star has a central frame and also some convenient pockets to add inserts. Here you will learn some great ideas to enhance this model by adding inserts at its center.  And, among these ideas, you will also learn how to use the star to decorate an origami gift envelope.


1- Decorate your tree with stars: Add pictures of family and loved ones. Use the stars as decorations on a wall or for your Christmas tree.


2-Insert gratitude notes: Make squares of paper 1/4 the size of the ones you used for the star. On these pieces of paper write those things for which you feel grateful. Blintz-fold them (all corners to the center) then insert these ‘gratitude notes’ at the center of each star and place these stars on your holiday tree.


3- Insert windmill variations at the center: Using a piece of paper that is the same size as the one you used for the star, make a variation of the windmill base. Insert each corner of this windmill variation inside the pocket at the points of the star. Click here to learn how to make windmill variations.

4- Decorate an envelope: Make a windmill base and use it as an envelope for a greeting card,  or gift card. Turn the star over and use these pockets to insert the corners of the windmill base envelope to seal it (shown in the video below).

5- Use the star to decorate a present: Insert the tips of gift-wrapping paper into the pockets of the star (shown in the video below).

Here is the video describing how to add inserts to the origami star and how to use it to decorate envelopes and gifts.

6- Make these floral inserts for the center

These floral inserts for the center of the star are available as a special bonus video on request. Send a note through the contact page if interested.


12 thoughts on “Star of Gratitude -6 Ways to Enhance it for Decoration”

  1. Hola Leyla gracias por “star of gratitude” será un placer doblar. Un saludo y un abrazo desde México, se te recuerda con cariño.

  2. Hello Leyla!
    It’s been awhile since I’ve “Origamied” (is that a word?!) and as I revisited your lovely Holy Family figures, I had this thought, “Wouldn’t it be terrific if Leyla created kits for sale which included all the papers, colors, pre-sized, plus extra pieces for some of her special models?” I imagine that I’m not alone as an occasional Origami maker, therefore don’t always have the necessary papers, colors, sizes for a particular project. So, Leyla, won’t you consider this idea for your shop? I also really love The Madonna holding the Christ Child. Have you a video of that? She’s beautiful!
    Many Thanks!

  3. Dear Leyla,
    I wanted to share with you the inspiration that your mandala designs gave me – I was able to print my own designs using clip art and my own photos. I have made crosses and stars to give to family and friends. Thank you!

  4. I love making your designs. Wondering what special thing to do with the last few hours of 2015, I decided it would be making some of your gratitude stars. Thank you for all you do for us origami lovers.


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