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Make the Perfect Origami Box to Place Tea Bags

I love how origami brings joy to our daily life. My dear friend, Coriene Schiefer (Netherlands), shared a great idea with me to use this origami heart box. She made it to hold tea bags. Look at the lower right corner of the photo. Thank you Coriene!

You’ll find all instructions and ideas on how to make this box here: Origami Heart Box
To make a box that perfectly fits tea bags, start with a square 20 x 20 cm, about 8 inches.

If you have found creative ways to use or to play with the origami models you find here at Origami Spirit, I’d love to see them. Share them with me and I’ll consider featuring it in a post.

Joy and peace through origami!

6 thoughts on “Make the Perfect Origami Box to Place Tea Bags”

  1. I used to make origami boxes and place them next to my children’s plates at the table on Valentines, Thanksgiving, and their birthdays.
    Thought they are adults, I’m sad to have lost all my origami books, kits, and papers to that dreadful Hurricane Maria!

    • Hi Ada, I’m sorry you lost your origami books in that terrible hurricane. I’m sure this was just a fraction of your total loss! At least the good memories remain and the fact that you are here to share them. Thank you for your open heart!

  2. Hi Leyla!
    It is so wonderful to hear from you.
    I remember these sweet heart boxes. I must have made at least 20 for Valentine’s day a few years ago. I did them in a children’s format, then filled them with candy. Since then, while we were visiting my son. Guess what I found on my granddaughter’s vanity? You guessed it. That little heart box filled some of her special jewelry pieces.
    She loves hearts. It made my heart happy to see it.
    The Spirit lives on.


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