Ready For a Cute Origami Nail Polish?

Are your digits in desperate need of a seasonal re-vamp? Or are they in an urgent compulsion to make one of those cute origami projects?

Whatever the case might be, this cute origami nail polish is perfect for a girl who wants to experience a little bit of origami glamour, and for a boy who wants to impress his sweetheart with a set of seductive paper-folding nail fashion.

Timeless red origami nail polish lends a crisp elegance to any look! But you can make this two-piece cute origami nail polish in any color of the origami paper spectrum that might be fashionable this season.

Better yet, make yourself a set of origami nail polish in bold shades. They will be expensive-looking and party-friendly all at once.  And they will relieve your need to have a fun origami project on a rainy afternoon.

Here I share the video with step by  step instructions to fold this two-piece model.

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Tips and Suggestions

  • This cute origami nail polish is made with two rectangular pieces of paper in the proportion 1:3. For example, if the short side measures 2 inches, the long side should be 6 inches.
  • You need to use duo color paper to have the cap one color and the jar another.
  • If you divide a square in three equal sections, two of them will be perfect for the nail polish bottle and cap, and the third one will be good as a helper tool.

I created this set of origami nail polish inspired by a visit with my good friend Vicki Kohl. On a trip to Hawaii Vicki couldn’t resist the temptation of a brightly-colored set of nail polishes either, which was lucky for me! When I spotted them sitting on a shelf in her home I took a photo. Cute, cute, cute, I thought!


I kept looking at that photograph until the idea came to me of how to make my own origami nail polish. The design is related to the Christmas lights I presented in another post.

. . . . . . . . . .

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18 thoughts on “Ready For a Cute Origami Nail Polish?”

  1. I was trying to make the nail polish simultaneously watching the video.and it came out very well. I just liked the idea very much.thank you Leyla for this great idea

      • Hi Anjali,
        I’m happy you like what you find here. Thank you for writing with your suggestions on what to teach. I cannot always promise that I will be able to do a video for the figure you like, but I will keep them in mind.

  2. You are very good at these things so I decided to give you an angel stamp because your videos are something special, if they were not good videos I could’ve given you a devil stamp which isnt good only the angel stamps are and for that angel stamp I will also give you double star points and double star stamps which tells that your video is so splendid

  3. Dear Leyla – thanks so much for posting the much anticipated origami nail polish design! love seeing such a fun, modern design come from such a traditional craft. these bottles are fabulous and feminine, with so many options for colours!

    :) Beth

  4. Omigoodness that is just too cute for words! I think I’ll make some in a nice summery pink, or coral, or classic red, or all three!!! Thanks Leyla!

  5. This is a really awesome model! I did have a bit of trouble in the end, getting the bottle to fit into the cap pocket, but that was my first attempt…the next time will work better! Thank you, Leyla!

    • Hi tnderhrt23,
      As you can see at the end of the video, you can pull apart the flaps a tiny bit to widen the cap so it fits better. I’m sure your next one will be much much better… you’ll be able to make yourself a whole set.

  6. Oh Leyla … too sweet for words. I can anticipate many girly- girls having so much fun folding this model! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity abounding.

    I hope someone from Revlon is able to see this tutorial and snap up the idea :-)

    Thank you as always for a superbly taught model.

    Best wishes,

    • You are welcome Rosemary. It has been a lot of fun to create this model.
      Yes, this is for girly girls… Don’t we all ladies feel like being glamorous once in a while… or more often than not?


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