What to do With Your Origami Stars!

Many people ask me: “What should I do with my collection of origami stars?

In the video below, you can see an easy and fun way to display this collection of paper stars as a decoration for the holidays. Are you into origami stars? Make a wreath!

Additionally, in this post you can find fourteen ideas on what to do with your origami. Also, in this post, you can learn how to make a paper shelf, an elegant and easy way to showcase the origami figures you make!

Enjoy this 90-second time-lapse video where I share the wreath of stars I made in my creativity room.

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This wreath was laid out on two concentric circles drawn on the wall as a guide.

Materials you need to make a wreath of origami stars

  • About 60 origami stars you have folded during the year (Click HERE for tutorials)
  • Removable masking tape
  • String
  • A pencil
  • Something to anchor the string (pin, nail, another pencil)

How to draw the circles on the wall

  • Cut two different lenghts of string, a shorter one for the inner circle and a longer one for the outer circle. The length of strings will be the radiuses of the circles.
  • Tie the shorter string around the pin or nail.
  • With the pin or nail, anchor one end of the long string to a point on the wall that you define as the center.
  • Tie the pencil at the other end of the string.
  • While pulling the pencil tight on the string, draw a circle.
  • If the string was kept taught, the circle should come out perfectly.
  • Repeat the process using the shorter string.

We would love to see your origami display in any form or shape. Join our Facebook Group and post a picture so we all can see it and applaud your work!

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