A New Museum of Origami in Uruguay

Uruguay may seem like a remote country, but soon it will be close to the hearts of those who love paper folding. In September 2016, an origami museum will open its doors in the Uruguayan town of Colonia del Sacramento: OrigamiHouse Colonia, Museo del Plegado del Papel y Talleres.

The project, developed by Laura Rozenberg, seeks to widely share the art of origami at every level. “Colonia is a historic town given the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The museum’s exhibitions will explore the evolution of paper folding and its impact on science, technology, and education”, Rozenberg said. “We’ll conduct community outreach, work with schools, and program origami workshops”.

Origami Rabbits created by Ron Koh (Singapore) and folded by Ah Boon (Singapore)

The museum project has received hundreds of models from international artists, and many others are expected to arrive after the closing of Folding Paper: the Infinite Possibilities of Origami, an exhibition that toured the United States for four years. “The models from the Folding Paper exhibition will find a permanent place in the Colonia museum”, Rozenberg said.

The museum will also contain an archive of historical material, such as letters and documents gathered by Gershon Legman, the North American researcher who organized the first exhibition of Akira Yoshizawa in the Western world. The archive will also keep a collection of books and original models that belonged to the Argentinean paper-folding pioneer Ligia Montoya (1920-1967).

“In the long run, we would like to set up an artist residence for people willing to spend some time creating art or working on an historic or educational project related to origami”, Rozenberg said. “I would like to encourage people in other countries to establish museums of origami so we can interact with each other.”

OrigamiHouse Colonia project has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds before the opening. Every donation is welcome and there are rewards! To donate, click here.

Origami Tessellation by Ilan Garibi (Israel)

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03-Origami-Isa Klein-450
Modular Origami, Isa Klein (Brazil)

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Book Illustration by Annarosa Ventura (Italy)

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Bettle – Robert Lang (USA), folded by Herman Mariano (Israel)    ||    Bull Stephan Weber (Germany)

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9 thoughts on “A New Museum of Origami in Uruguay”

  1. Hello, I have a small nonprofit art school and discover a very talent young high school student that truly has a gift to fold origami and tesselations. He also has challenges that keep him separated from peers. I want to help him to explore, teach and continue on his path. Thank you for this site

  2. What an incredibly lovely presentation to educate everyone to this marvelous origami museum. I know it has been a vision of :Laura Rozenbergs’ for a long time and now, it is a reality.
    Thank you, Leyla for your support in your always-finest-style!

  3. Hi Leyla,
    I love this idea. A nice tribute to an art that isn’t what you would normally see in a museum or art gallery.
    The prints you have created would show another aspect of presenting Origami. They are very original and shows your talent for expression.
    I think you should send them!


    • Thank you Pat. It is a wonderful place to have a museum of origami. We all should plan to visit it one day, and for the moment offer them our support. Great suggestion about the print! For the moment, they will be offering my Pre-Columbian Frog as part of their rewards for donations.

  4. Dear Leyla,
    Thank you very much for your nice article about the museum project. Your gorgeous site is very well visited and it will help bring exposure. I’ll see you in Uruguay one of these days! :)


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