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Origami Star – Multi-piece

Need a lovely hand-made gift for someone special? This Quilt Star is a double gift. In making it you will be giving yourself some time of peaceful meditation and joy, and also end up with something you can give as a meaningful present: an ornament made with your own hands. 

I named this model ‘Quilt Star’ because it looks like a traditional quilting block called Star Flower. It is a close cousin of the Star of Gratitude, previously shown on Origami Spirit.

It’s a pleasure to share with you this origami star of my own design. Video instruction to make this origami star is now featured in a full step-by-step class on the SKILLSHARE learning website *Instruction on how you can view it are below.

If you are new to origami, this step-by-step class will guide you through many basic concepts and vocabulary as you fold the Quilt Star. If you’re already an experienced origami enthusiast you will be adding a new figure to your repertoire of origami models when taking this class.

By the end of this class you will have learned:
• What different kinds of papers can be used for origami.
• A traditional origami base used for the Quilt Star and many other paper figures.
• How to make a cute origami windmill to apply on greeting cards.
• The basic Quilt Star.
• Two insert variations to add at the center of the star.
• A presentation of the Quilt Star suitable for mailing flat in an envelope.
• A 3D presentation of the Quilt Star, perfect for using as a holiday handmade gift or home decoration.

How to view the Quilt Star Tutorial on SKILLSHARE:
1- For people who have contributed to Origami Spirit within the past year, you have received a personal email with a FREE link to this SKILLSHARE class.

2- For those who have not yet contributed to Origami Spirit CLICK HERE for a special coupon link that will give you access to the QUILT STAR TUTORIAL for three months, for only 0.99 cents (USD). During this three month period you will also have full access to the complete directory of classes offered on SKILLSHARE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you register at SKILLSHARE using your special coupon, copy and paste this link http://skl.sh/2gwRR3E into your browser address bar to reach the QUILT STAR tutorial directly. 


⬆This is what you will see once you get to the Quilt Star class.⬆

Tips and suggestions for making the origami Quilt Star

  • In the videos the star is demonstrated using very thin paper called Kami.
  • To make the basic star use two squares of paper sized 6 × 6-inch (15 × 15cm) for the center units and two equal squares of contrasting color for the points.
  • The finished central part of the star shows both sides of the paper. For best effect it’s best to use paper of different color on each side.
  • If you are just beginning your adventure in the art of paper folding, you might want to make a few stars using flat color paper, and then go ahead and use patterned paper.
  • Make a collection of stars, featuring pictures of your family and loved ones in the central frame. Hang them on the Christmas tree.
  • For the central pieces, use beautiful mandala papers available here as Instant Download
  • For more ideas on what to use as central inserts, click HERE and take a look to this blog post on the Gratitude Star.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you register at SKILLSHARE using your special coupon, copy and paste this link http://skl.sh/2gwRR3E into your browser address bar to reach the QUILT STAR tutorial directly. 


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