origami box with side flaps

In previous posts I’ve shared a couple of cat-shaped boxes both based on the traditional origami box presented here. I also made a stand-alone video showing how to make this box, and added it to our growing collection of traditional origami models, such as the origami crane, a jumping frog and a bow tie.

These classic models are always a delight to fold and can be the beginning of many new creations. Looking for ways to modify traditional origami bases or models and visualizing what they can become is one way to awaken our creativity with origami.

Here is the video tutorial. Make the box and challenge yourself to think of other figures that might be created based on this model.

Tips and suggestions for making the Sanbo origami box

  • Many types of paper are suitable to make this box. Use paper such as ‘Kami, gift wrap, office or recycled paper.
  • A 6 x 6-inch (15 × 15cm) piece of paper or bigger is perfect for the box.
  • The box shows only one side of the paper. It isn’t necessary to use paper with a different color on each side.
  • Make this origami box as a party favor, or any time you feel like your fingers are tickling to fold paper!

The following are other classic origami figures

Origami Crane, symbol of peace and good health. Click here for post and video.

Hands holding an origami crane

Origami Bow Tie. Click here for post and video.

origami_bowtie-560. . . . . . .

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and step-by-step video tutorials
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