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Origami as a Subject for Visual Art and Illustration post image

These past few months have been full of excitement and creativity as I explore paper folding as a subject for visual art. This slight change of direction is one that combines my interests in both painting, and origami.

At the beginning of the year, I was looking through an impressive artwork collection on Instagram posted by some very talented artists and illustrators. The work was so good that it inspired me to pick up my brushes, dust off my watercolor tubes, and begin to paint again. The images and video accompanying this post are examples of some of the origami-inspired watercolors I’ve created recently as a result.

• Announcing New Classes

In addition to instructional origami videos, I would like you to know that I’m expanding my online teaching offers to include instruction in watercolor painting. These new art classes will be featured on SKILLSHARE, an online learning community for creators and makers. My first Skillshare class was just published.

• A Special Gift to You

To take my NEW classes –and as a special gift to you, I’d like to offer you 3 MONTHS of SKILLSHARE classes for only .99 cents!

Joining the SKILLSHARE community for this three-month trial period will also allow you to take as many classes as you want from a large number of other subjects, and have the opportunity to make delightful new and creative projects.


I have found Skillshare to be a worthwhile educational platform filled with a wealth of information. Anyone can join, enroll in classes, watch video lessons, create projects, and teach too!

Subject matter includes art, crafts, business, technology and many more. I have taken a number of classes and found them worth the time invested.

My future plans are to combine my creative pursuits and alternate my postings here on OrigamiSpirit with my posts on my other website LeylaTorres.com, a site dedicated to art and illustration. I’m also planning to feature ORIGAMI classes on SKILLSHARE and continue exploring this path of combining visual art and origami.


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