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If you have a beloved little kitty who is a star in your home, you can now easily make a whole constellation of lucky cats and draw your own cat’s face on each and every one of them!

The lucky cat comes from the traditional  Lucky Star featured before in Origami Spirit. When I saw this charming kitty, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share the lovely creativity of ten-year-old Brians Tjipto Meidianto. Brian envisioned making this little cat from the lucky star. Thank you and good work, Brian!

Looking for ways to transform or modify existing models, and visualizing what they can become, is an excellent way to be creative with origami.

This video is an update on how to make the lucky star, and the lucky cat too! In the video I also share some ideas on how to use lucky stars and, of course, the video features a paper Lady Coco —my very lucky not-so-little-now cat, and all its cousins.

Tips and suggestions for making the Lucky Star and the Lucky Cat

  • The paper star and cat are made with a single strip of paper. The strip can be  any size, big or small. The one used for this demonstration was 18 inches x 0.75 inches (42×2 cm)
  • Many types of paper can be used to make this star. Regular office paper –cut into a 1/2 inch strip, works perfectly.
  • Be patient with the folding as it might take a few tries before the stars come out to your satisfaction.

Uses for the Lucky Stars

Make a birthday invitation card as described in this post


. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Use it as a topper for an origami Christmas tree (video coming soon)

Saint Nicholas video here


. . . . . . . . . .

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