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A Colorful Idea for a Birthday Gift Wrap

Even those people who might never think themselves as good at origami have at some point or another experienced some kind of paper folding.  Origami serves many every-day purposes, and we can say that gift-wrapping is basically a type of paper folding.
Here is a photo of a gift (actually two) I wrapped today to take to my aunt’s Liria surprise birthday party, which is tomorrow.
I like wrapping gifts using layers of bright-colored tissue paper. I attached a small box (yellow) to a larger one (purple). The ornament on top of the small box, an idea of Gay Merrill Gross,  is made with variations of the windmill base. You need to make three of different sizes and colors and insert one inside the other from big to small. Here are diagrams to fold the windmill base. Use your creativity to modify the central part.

What’s inside the larger box? Well, all I can say is that it’s five-feet long, has bright green stripes and is to be worn around the neck. And what did I put in the small box…should I reveal it?

Share this link with everyone except my aunt (shhh! don’t tell her before tomorrow).

2 thoughts on “A Colorful Idea for a Birthday Gift Wrap”

  1. Beautiful! Thank you so much for coming to the party yesterday. It was wonderful to see my mom surrounded by so many people that she loves. Hope to see you and John again soon. :-)

    Un abrazo mi prima!



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