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4 Esquinas: The Progress of Origami en Latin America

The diagrams for this sheep (Román Díaz – Uruguay) and some other models are published in 4 Esquinas (4 Corners), a free online magazine about origami in Latin America.

This publication is a labor of love and published by four talented origami practitioners: Mateo Diaz (Colombia), Román Díaz (Uruguay, Nicolás Gajardo (Chile) and Eric Madrigal (Costa Rica).
In addition to featuring excellent diagrams and technical articles on origami design, the first issue documents origami’s recent developments in Latin America. According to the editors, this project grew from many conversations over a period of time with the final decision to move ahead with publication being made at the First Latin American Congress of Origami in Bogotá, April 2010.
The need that 4 Esquinas satisfies is based on two premises:

  • Not enough information about origami published as printed material –books or magazines, is available in  Latin America.
  • There are many emergent Latin American origami designers and enthusiasts whose work should be shared with the rest of the world.

The goals of 4 Esquinas include:

  • Promotion and support a community of paper folders in Latin America.
  • Encouragement of the creation of origami models representing Latin American themes inspired by its fauna, flora, customs, and traditions.

Here is a link to download a free copy of the first issue of the magazine.

4 Esquinas expects to publish quarterly depending on the amount of material received. Paper folders from around the world are encouraged and invited to send diagrams, technical or educational articles and origami news for possible publication. Those who participate by sharing their material will greatly benefit the origami community. Here is information on whatand how to submit material.

Congratulations to the publishers of 4 Esquinas for their interest and effort. We hope that their publication thrives and becomes a meeting place and resource for the global origami community.

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