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Traveling to Argentina for an Origami Convention

In early October of this year I will be using my frequent traveler mileage to attend the First International Origami Convention in the town of Rosario, Argentina. I’ll be traveling solo but this origami airplane could fly many origami enthusiasts from all over the world directly to Argentina as well!

Here is some information about the Argentinian convention. And if Spanish isn’t your first language,  Google has this great translation tool that will help you read the page.

Tips for traveling to Rosario, Argentina:

  • Important first step: get yourself to Buenos Aires.
  • If your flight is as long as mine, (I’m leaving from the Northeast of the US), you might want to stay in Buenos Aires for a day or two to rest and walk around. Hotel prices in Buenos Aires begin at about $55 dollars per night and up. Hostels are available for smart travelers on a budget beginning at around $12 dollars.
  • Buenos Aires is a great city, so you might want to hang around after the convention and visit or take tango lessons for a few days.
  • To get to the town of Rosario (about 300 km north-west of Buenos Aires) you’ll need to take land transportation. The trip is about  3 hours at an approximate cost of $38 US.  Here is a link to a bus service from Buenos Aires to Rosario.

With so many conventions coming up in South America  -and around the world, I had to throw the dice and pick only one and Argentina was my choice. So if you can’t make it to Argentina this year then be sure to visit this page for information on upcoming origami conventions around the world. There just might be one that could fit your budget or schedule.

I’m so excited about this upcoming trip and I’m looking forward to folding paper and meeting friends in Rosario. And if you happen to be going to Argentina as well this October, then I’ll see you in Rosario!

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