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Celebrating World Origami Days in Vermont

Today, October 28th, I celebrated World Origami Days* at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont.

For about five hours my husband, John, and I distributed origami models to children and adults visiting the bookstore from as far away as Moscow! Many smiles and conversations about paper folding evolved as we filled happy hands with butterflies, kissing lips, snails, swans, flapping birds, modular balls and other origami models too. The day was full of joy and a delightful way for me to celebrate my fiftieth birthday as well!

Ann Niklasson, a representative from Tuttle Publishing brought samples of some of that publishers recent book releases on origami, which we showcased on our table. The titles included Origami Bonsai (Benjamin Coleman); Trash Origami (Michael La Fosse),  Money Origami (Michael La Fosse), Origami Art (Michael La Fosse), and 10-fold Origami by Peter Engel.

*World Origami Days is a fifteen day international celebration for encouraging awareness of the art of Origami. It runs every year from October 24th, the birthday of Lillian Oppenheimer (1898-1992), one of the founders of Origami USA and the British Origami Society, to November 11, the day designated in Japan as Origami Day.

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