Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorations, Gifts and Greetings

This is my interpretation of the Sakura Star, a creation of David Martinez. It is a lovely model that I will add to the collection of ornaments I use  to decorate my staircase for Christmas, as seen in this post:

Origami Adds a Holiday Sparkle to a Staircase

Video instructions for the Sakura Star:

Diagrams for the Sakura Star in Revista 4 Esquinas -Issue 6.

Here are links to other blog posts featuring instructions for models and ideas
you can make yourself and use for holiday decorations, gifts, and greetings.

Stars and decorations for christmas

1. Virgin and Child :: 2. Festive Twist-Box :: 3. Rose box :: 4. Two-fold Santa Card
5. Hollow-petal Flower :: 6. Kusudama  :: 7. Anillo del Rio :: 8. Modular Stars

 Have you made any of these? If so,would you please share links to photos of your work!


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