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How to Have Fun Making an Oversize Origami Shirt

I believe that having fun is one of the secrets to a happy life. The annual Origami USA convention in New York City, held this year at St. John’s University, is always a fun and happy highlight of my year.

This event is up to four days of entertainment, intellectual challenge, and an opportunity to share ideas and create memories with old and new friends. Getting together to fold paper and share a learning experience? What’s not to like!

This year, in addition to attending the convention, The Origami-Spirit team had the special pleasure of meeting Jenny Chan. Jenny is one energetic and vibrant lady full of creative ideas which she generously shares in DIY videos on her Youtube channel,  Origami Tree.

Jenny, John and I had a delightful time together – and we did get a little silly at the Youtube offices in lower Manhattan, creating an oversize traditional origami shirt for the camera. I’d like now to share what Jenny and I created with you, so you too can make a BIG origami shirt.

You can also watch a fun video featuring a mini-interview with Jenny and behind the scenes photos.

Tips and suggestions for making an oversize origami shirt

  • The shirt is made with a rectangular piece of paper in the approximate proportions of 1:2 (half a square)
  • In the video the shirt is demonstrated using easel paper.
  • We joined together two sheets of easel paper at the short side.
  • The size of the full rectangle was about 25 x 50 inches.
  • You can draw a necktie using markers.
  • As an alternative make an origami necktie, following this video.
  • To make a tie large enough for the shirt, use an 11 x 44-inch piece of paper.

Make a shirt, big or small and please share a photo with us on Facebook


6 thoughts on “How to Have Fun Making an Oversize Origami Shirt”

  1. Dear Leyla, i just want to say so very big WOW for your oversize origami shirt.
    My name is Prapanca from Homeschooling Malacca in Jakarta. We are love to making origami too … :))

    If you don’t mind please come to visit my website to looking at about making beautiful butterfly’s origami at http://www.homeschoolingmalacca.com/cara-membuat-origami-butterfly-kupu-kupu-yang-cantik/

    Cheers !


  2. Hello Leyla,
    What a great video!! Funny and easy to oversize the shirt. Jenny is very energetic.
    Elsa Lucia

  3. Wow, what a fun happy video! I always loved your T shirt model. What a great idea to “supersize”. Happy folding.

  4. Hi Leyla,
    Wow! I loved it! You have so much energy! You keep bringing Origami to new heights. Now we can get our excersize and fold too. Way to go Leyla!
    It was nice to see John in there too!


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