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Origami Halloween Winged Heart

Love Halloween? Whatever your feelings about celebrating this holiday, you will love folding this origami heart with bat wings.
Riki Saito (Japan) was inspired by Ildikó’s heart-dish, published recently in Origami Spirit. With the addition of bat wings he takes Ildiko’s origami heart to a new level.
Folded from a triangular piece of paper cut from a square along its diagonal, Riki Saito’s origami heart is a clever and charming origami for Halloween.

Here are video instructions on how to fold this great origami heart that can be used as a Halloween Candy Corn dish.

This origami heart with bat wings doesn’t speak only of Halloween! The heart can be equally interesting viewed from either side. When viewed from the front we could say it looks like Batman’s heart. From the opposite side we see a more feminine shape and might think of it as Batgirl’s heart.

Riki Saito is an origami artist, balloon twister, and juggler. In addition to this origami heart with wings, Riki has developed a collection of clever models that include origami hearts. They can be viewed in his Google Plus page. Grateful acknowledgment to Riki for allowing me to share his bat-winged origami heart in a video tutorial.


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