Happy Origami Rabbit – Use as an Egg or Napkin Holder

Happy Origami Rabbit - Egg or Napkin Holder

Looking for an origami rabbit? Here you will find many origami bunnies and other origami creatures!

In addition to all the free origami rabbit tutorials you find on Origami Spirit, when you become a member of Origamigos (The Origami Spirit Membership) you will have access to an easy-to-follow video tutorial to make this Happy Rabbit.

How you can use this paper Bunny

  • Hide a life-size Easter egg.
  • Use it as a napkin holder.
  • Write a happy message on a piece of paper, roll it and place it inside the rabbit.
  • Roll some bills in a restaurant place them inside the rabbit and leave it as a tip.

You can make both a rabbit with a light face and colored ears or a rabbit with a dark face and white ears.

The process for folding both versions of the Happy Rabbit is identical except for the folding of the teeth. The dark-faced rabbit needs a slight modification so that there is a change of color and the teeth appear white.

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