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Modular Origami Ring by Ernesto del Río

Origami modular ring - anillo mosular

This modular ring called Anillo del Río 3 is one of the many striking modulars designed by Ernesto del Río Jiménez (Erny for his friends). Thanks to Ernesto for granting permission to make a video with instructions for making this modular, shown at the end of this post. Ernesto lives in Pereira, Colombia. He works … Read more

World’s Best Origami, an excellent book by Nick Robinson

World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson is a treasure trove of origami models for anyone from beginner to seasoned expert.The book is divided into ten chapters with each including models suitable for beginning, intermediate, and advanced paper-folders. Traditional and classic models are featured along with elegantly ingenious models created by contemporary origami artists from around the … Read more

Origami Adds a Festive Holiday Sparkle to a Staircase

The winter solstice is almost here, and the rebirth of the light is what I celebrate deep in my heart. Soon the sun will remain above the horizon a little longer each day in the northern hemisphere. The light returns slowly. I gladly receive it! To welcome the light I decorate my home with a collection … Read more

How to Make a Kusudama With the Carambola Flower

This Kusudama can be considered modular origami, and it is based on a beautiful flower model, folded from a pentagon and originally created by Carmen Sprung (Germany). She calls it “carambola” perhaps because of its resemblance to a cross section of a carambola –also known as star fruit. On her website, Happy Folding, Sara Adams … Read more

Modular Origami Star for Christmas -a Variation

My friend Gay Merrill Gross pointed out to me this other variation of the origami modular  star shown in my previous post. It was created by Robert Paul Miller (USA). To do this star variation: Follow the steps of the diagrams for the star of Rachel Katz. Add a final set of folds that produce … Read more

Video Tutorial – Dawn Rose

Origami Model Dawn Rose a design of Leyla Torres

A model design of Leyla Torres Do you like to fold origami flowers? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature origami flowers we’re sure you’ll enjoy. You can find these origami models in this gallery >>> HERE In this tutorial, you will learn how to fold an origami rose called “Dawn Rose”, designed by Leyla … Read more