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Origami Lucky Stars for a Birthday Party Invitation Card

When one of my nieces turned twelve, she and I had a good idea on how to create origami-related invitation cards for her birthday party. Here are the steps:

  • Make about three dozen tiny origami lucky stars of different colors. Use strips of paper about 7 1/2 inch x 3/8 inch. Watch the video below if you need to learn how to make the origami stars. Be patient with the folding. It might take you a few tries before the stars come out right.

  • The birthday girl lays on the floor and spreads her hair around.
  • Sprinkle the origami lucky stars on her hair.
  • Take a photograph and upload it to the computer.
  • Use a picture-editing application to copy and paste the photograph in the front of the birthday invitation card.
  • Print it on card stock. Here are two sample cards:

FREE DOWNLOAD: card template with tiled border for a birthday party invitation.

Here are more ideas to use lucky stars.

Can you think of other uses for lucky stars? Share them here!


10 thoughts on “Origami Lucky Stars for a Birthday Party Invitation Card”

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  2. These little lucky stars can also become a beautiful New Year tree garland if you string them together, spacing with some colorful beads.

  3. Querida Leyla, tu trabajo es hermoso e inspirador y por tu voz se nota que eres una persona encantadora. Muchas gracias por compartir tu don para plegar papel… desde que empecé hace menos de una semana no he parado de hacer flores y estrellas! Un cálido saludo y muchas bendiciones desde Argentina! =) ♥

  4. My sister and I were estatic when we finally completed the star! We were trying to make one all these years but didn’t realize the solution was here all along! :)

  5. Oh this is WONDERFUL! My grand daughter’s name is Estrella (Star) and she’s only 3 months away from a birthday!!! I LOVE it! Gracias!


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