Origami Bunny Box –Don’t wait for Easter to fold it!

Making origami animals is magical. The process of folding a flat piece of paper into a recognizable figure is mesmerizing and entertaining in itself.  And it is terrific  when we can relate the finished creature to a cherished holiday. This origami rabbit box is a perfect example of origami magic!

Origami artist Jacky Chan (Hong Kong) is the designer of t this origami rabbit. He calls  it “Origami Little Rabbit Lantern”.  It is made with one square of paper colored on one side and white on the other.

I first learned of this origami rabbit through a video made by Jacky. He starts placing the paper with the  color side up, resulting in a rabbit with colored body and white ears.

If you want to end up with a white bunny with colored ears, as the ones in the photograph above, start with the white side up. The rabbit is perfect to place small chocolate Easter eggs. And it is very easy to fold.

I have made a video myself, which includes instructions in English and subtitles in Spanish. Thank you Jacky for your permission to share origami instructions for your delightful rabbit in this video.

origami rabbit boxes

Don’t wait for Easter to fold it, but be careful with origami rabbits…they do tend to proliferate!

Visit our page on Origami Animals and Origami for Holidays for more free origami instructions.


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88 thoughts on “Origami Bunny Box –Don’t wait for Easter to fold it!”

  1. Wonderful idea,but as someone else suggested, some of us work better from written directions as opposed to video

      • You are so right, the funny thing is that since I wrote that comment I am now a big huge fan and subscriber of your YouTube channel, your tutorials are wonderful and your voice is very relaxing, I enjoy your channel very much, thank you for sharing

  2. I glued a cotton ball on as a lil tail. So cute! I made a family of them, and they are currently having fun on the mantle. Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  3. thank you for this tutorial ^^ i did it, though it’s a little bigger than i thought it would be but still very cute

    • Hi Annika,
      Available paper depends on where you live. I buy some paper online. On the right-side column of my website you find some links to some nice double-sided paper offered by Amazon.

  4. Great tutorial: I had to stop it about a million times to figure out the fold. But I got it, eventually. My practice rabbit is a little shop-worn, from re-folding. I’ll try it again tomorrow with some colored paper for the big wow! Thanks, Leyla!

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    • Hi Jessie,

      Congratulations for trying it. I totally understand your frustration. Sometimes we need to grow our skills before we are able to make certain origami figures. You might want to try your hand at folding some of the models featured on this page of easier origami figures.

      But do go back to this rabbit and try again in the future. Our minds are elastic and work in mysterious ways. When we try more than once, relax into the process and take it slowly, then we are rewarded with a successful ending. Give yourself some time.

      There is no need to yell. Origami teaches us patience!


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  8. Dear Leyla
    15 Minutes ago i saw your rabbit on the crafty crow and now a sweet rabbit basket is sitting ahead from me. Thanks for that very good origami-video-tutorial!
    Kind Regards

  9. Dear Leyla,
    Have only just started watching the video for this and loving it. Will be having a go tomorrow, too late for now. Bizarre I know as everyone is commenting on the gorgeous origami, but I’m admiring the rather useful tool you have to help fold and pick out fold s and creases. Is it a special origami tool or something you have fashioned yourself.
    Many thanks for everything and to everyone else for their inspirational additions x

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  12. Thanks for the video instructions! I made 45 of these for Easter for our family dinner and for people at work. I used polka dotted origami paper and filled the rabbits with grass and Easter chocolate eggs. I also glued a small white pom pom for its tail. Everyone loved them!

  13. So very cute & clever, but…Ack! I cannot stand instructional videos! I followed the video & made 1 rabbit box, but this is not something I can easily remember every step for – much prefer a portable, printable diagram, so I don’t have to sit & watch a video every time I want to make this….

  14. So cute!! I used pretty Japanese folding paper and it turned out SO CUTE!! The video tutorial is great (I found that the space bar will pause and restart…who knew?!)

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  16. I made four since yesterday, One to try the design, one for each of my daughters and a tiny one out of a post it note. YES they do tend to proliferate. Greetings from Greece

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  18. Ahh! Took me forever but I finally finished! Phew! This took me longer to fold than eating lunch! But it was worth it!

  19. Hi, Leyla,
    Thank you for posting this. With lots of pauses, I was able to successfully fold this very cute model. Kay Eng taught it at Folding Sunday yesterday at the AMNH, but I missed it and could not wait to get home and try folding from the video.


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