The Second Latin American Origami Congress, Chile 2011

Origami Chile is hosting its 6th Origami Convention in Santiago from August 25-27, 2011.

Within the convention, Origami Chile will be hosting a separate parallel event: The  Second Latin American Origami Congress.

–The first Latin American Origami Congress was held in Bogotá in April of 2010.

While the convention is geared to teaching and sharing origami models, the Origami Congress is more conceptual and distinguished by the following characteristics:

Main  goal

  • To envision new horizons for the development of Origami in Latin America  on the basis of the current creative trend.

 Other goals include

  • To understand the current state of the Origami art in Latin America.
  • To encourage the creative process from the perspective of human emotion.
  • To encourage the creative process from the perspective of current origami techniques.
  • To discuss ways to create origami with a distinctive Latin American flavor.


Main Lecture 
• “Poet’s Paradox and Empirical Mathematics as  sources of the creative process ” (Isa Klein -Brasil)

• Designing with Freedom (Aldo Marcel -Nicaragua)
• Designing with Feeling (Isa Klein -Brasil)
• Designing with Geometry (Nicolás Gajardo -Chile)

Round Table
• Feeling vs. Technique

• The Lattice Design. Exhibition (Eric Gjerde -USA)
• Organic Sensitivity in Designing. Lecture (Michael Kaiser -Chile)
• Complications of Existence. Exhibition (Nicolás Gajardo -Chile)

Delegates from different Origami Associations in Latin America

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Are you attending this congress? Please share your impressions with us.

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