Festive Origami Twist-Box

Festive and fun, this origami twist box is an easy-to-make container for a small gift or a party favor. 

Ideas to present this lovely paper box

  • Make it in bright colors and fill it with confetti and use it as a mini-piñata!
  • Fold the box using red and green papers for Christmas
  • Use orange and black papers for Halloween.
  • As a wedding favor, the box could be folded with white or pastel colors
  • For a birthday party, any bright and festive colors will do.

The box’s designer, David Martínez (Venezuela), developed this twist box while experimenting with how to divide a piece of paper into equal parts using methods described by Kazuo Haga, and Kunihiko Kasahara.

David folds his box from an A4 proportioned rectangle, but in the following video, we’ll start with a 7-inch square, divide it into five equal sections, and then cut out the rectangle.

David Martínez discovered origami when he was ten years old through a book his sister borrowed from the library. He enjoys folding different kinds of models but currently has been experimenting with geometric origami made from papers that are not square.
Many of David’s origami creations can be seen on his flickr page. When he is not folding paper, David likes to spend time with his family and friends. He will soon be completing his college degree in computer engineering.

Origami Twist Boxes


21 thoughts on “Festive Origami Twist-Box”

  1. Leyla – I actually laughed out loud when I completed this model. It was such an elegant box and I felt so proud that I was able to get it right. You are an excellent teacher. Your videos and instructions are so clear that as a folder it gives me confidence that I can complete the model. Please keep posting your videos and your delightful models.

  2. Leyla,
    I am your true fans for origami, I like each and every one of your designs and teachings.
    I teach Sunday School at my church, and once a month we have crafts session for the grade oners to grade sixers, once in a while I teach origami, and the kids love to learn, although sometimes they cannot catch up some steps, they are excited to make every second steps, it is so encouraging that some of them are very talented of paper folding.
    Thank you so much for your tutorials.

  3. What a fantastic model! Thank you as always, Leyla for a clear and concise folding tutorial. Thank you as well to David Martinez for sharing this wonderful origami creation. Soon there will be little boxes all over the house (smile).

    Best wishes,



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