Cute and Fun Origami Pins

During the informal Origami Pin Exchange at this year’s OrigamiUSA convention I folded a number of bees (instructions here) and made pins from them. The photo above shows pins I received in exchange.  Cute and Fun!

Many origami models are easily made into pins.  All we need to do is glue a little pin on the back of the model and it’s ready to wear on a lapel or in our hair.

Here are samples of pins that can be attached.

If you could keep just one of the pins I received, which would you pick? Among those who leave a reply in the comments section I will be raffling one of my origami bee pins.

Deadline: Tuesday July 17, 2012 6pm EST (6pm NYC time)


Update July 18: Here are the three winners of the bee pin!

 Congratulations and thank you for your comments!

38 thoughts on “Cute and Fun Origami Pins”

  1. They are all wonderful, but today the strawberry calls out, as in my class today I taught Rea Crocker’s Strawberry. Several even folded from the 3″ strawberry paper.

  2. I think I am probably just too late…. but I would choose the Origami USA sailboat, as it would make a good talking point “Oh, do you know people in the USA who do origami?” and such-like. besides, it is a fun model anyway.

  3. They’re all cute, it’s hard to decide. Maybe I’ll stay on classics and I choose the Kawasaki rose. Thanks for sharing


  4. The Strawberry, LOVE strawberries and I cannot eat them any more due to health problems. I used to crave them like crazy when I was pregnant. So the strawberry it is.

  5. Wow what a hard decision! As one person commented, the longer you look, the more you see! I guess, though, as I am a “cat woman”, I’d choose the little blue cat. So adorable! I used to do a nice bit of origami years and years ago and have been wanting to take it back up again. I just have to work with my hands all the time. Can’t just sit without keeping them busy :) Origami would be a nice diversion to add to my crochet and puzzles.

  6. Thanks to a resourceful friend, the blue star has been identified as Duo Star by Jeff Beynon. The diagrams are in BOS #38, Four-igami. It has a very satisfying folding sequence, after the precreasing is done.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these. Wish I could have shared in the trading. They are all so clever, it is hard to pick one. But I will say the blue star and the 8 petal flower – eventhough I would wear them all.

  8. All of your work is wonderful. I follow your blog and also saw your exhibit at Origami USA convention! Yes, I would love to win the bee pin!

  9. I once had the diagrams for the singing fish, or whatever you call it. Now I can’t track them down anywhere. So that is what I would keep. If you know where to find it, let me know.

  10. All the pins are lovely. It is difficult to make a choice. Since I love flowers, my choice would be the rose or the flower with leaf.

    The selection of pin backs are great.

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. All of the pins are gorgeous! My favorite appears to be a modular design. It’s the blue and white pin in the 1st row, second from the left.

    • Thanks for the nice comments! The blue and white star is folded from one piece of 3″ duo paper. I really like how the color from the back comes around to the front. I don’t know whose model it is, I reverse engineered it from one that I folded many years ago. If anybody does know who created it, I’d love to know.

  12. Hola Leyla.. novedosos y útiles me parecen estos hermosos pins… He seguido la sugerencia y los he ingresado a Facebook.
    Un abrazo

  13. I love the little fish on the bottom; makes me cool just looking at it. Your bee makes me think of HONEY

    • I love the little blue cat! More even than the variety of pins, I love the diversity of opinions about them. Some of the comments made me look more closely and enjoy some I passed by at first glance.

      Your website always makes my day better!


  14. These are wonderful! Color me green with envy! Thanks so much for sharing instructions for the bee! My second favorite is the blue one, first row, second pin. I like so many, it’s really hard to choose! I’m picking that one, not only because I really like it, but also because I don’t know how to make it myself. Several of the others, also wonderful, are models I’ve made or have instructions to make.
    I hope some folks attending CenterFold this year will want to exchange pins!

  15. My favorite pin is your bee, besides that, I would chose the purple and white angel fish to keep. I have enjoyed folding it in the past.
    Really like your origami spirit website~thank you! Looking forward to trying to fold the bee diagram soon.

  16. Wow, what a great collection. I’m fond of the flower pins, especially the dogwood one and rose one. I suspect I would pick the rose one because that is my middle name. ;-) Thanks so much for sharing and giving us a good idea…making pins.

  17. Hi,
    Aren’t they gorgeous! I’ve always loved “mini origami”. I’ve seen exquisite origami jewellery here in Brisbane, earrings pendants, very fiddly.
    I like the strawberry as it is strawberry season, here. As to a favourite…. too hard to choose.

  18. I love the bee– wanted to learn it at the convention and now I just hoping I will be lucky enough to win it! Your blog is a breath of fresh air! Thank you!

  19. The flower with leaf in the third row appeals to me. It looks like it wouldn’t be hard to learn. Please teach it to us dear Leyla. Your videos are wonderful. Thank you for teaching the box…it is great fun to make and use.

  20. It’s hard to pick a favorite from all these wonderful pins! The longer I look at the photo, the more favorites I find. :)
    If I could just keep one, perhaps it’d be the strawberry. And I’d fold your wonderful bee following your instructions. I think they make a great pair.

  21. I missed your deadline, but my choice is the bee…so I’m happy that you’re sharing the instructions. And your timing is perfect for me as I’m going to ask our local beekeepers to help me set up tables after their meeting tonight at our local library for tomorrow’s summer reading program origami workshop. Your little bees will be a great thank-you for the beekeepers. Thank you for sharing your discoveries!

    (I couldn’t get to your instructions by clicking on your link under the pin photo – I get a “page not found” message. I clicked on “insects” in the column to the right and found it that way)

    • No Kathy, you did not miss the deadline… I had written the incorrect date! Thank you for mentioning it. Now it is fixed. Also the link for the instructions has been fixed.
      Have fun at the summer reading program origami workshop!

  22. I know the pin-exchanging from origamiweekends in the Netherlands. It is always amazing to see how many different pins people can think of.

  23. I suggest your website to all my origami friends as a must in their favorites!
    Have a nice day and continue to inspire us,

  24. I liked the rose and the fan until I saw the Angelfish!

    Although I can’t work out what the black one next to it is supposed to be… appears too dark on my screen to make out any detail.

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