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How to Make a Fortune Pouch That Your Guests Will Love

An alternative to the conventional fortune cookie, this fortune paper pouch will be a fun conversation piece at a the dinner table. If you’re not planning to have a dinner party soon, you WILL, once you’ve made one of these charming origami containers, and find yourself folding a handful or two.

A fortune cookie is a crisp cookie made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a “fortune” wrapped inside. The “fortune” is a piece of paper with words of wisdom, a prophecy and auspicious lottery numbers.

Contrary to popular belief the traditional fortune cookie is an American invention, not Chinese. The origami fortune paper pouch though is distinctly Italian, created by a very, very lucky person indeed: the great Francesco Mancini!

A fortune paper pouch has zero gluten and zero sugar. It’s a no-calorie addition to any dinner party menu. And, since these pouches are indeed made with paper, they are perfect for writing those little prophecies and winning lottery numbers their edible cousins are so well known for.

Here is a video, demonstrating how to make this delightful fortune pouch –with permission from Francesco Mancini. Two different fortune pouch versions are demonstrated on the video. One mono-color and one with two colors.

Tips and recommendations to make the  fortune paper pouch

  • The fortune pouch is made with a “silver rectangle” (1:√2). This rectangle can be made from squares of 3 x 3 inches (demonstrated in the video).
  • One sheet of US letter size or A4 paper will produce eight paper pouches (demonstrated in the video).
  • In addition to writing a prophecy, you can include a couple of after-dinner mints or chocolate coins inside the paper pouch.
  • Office paper in bright colors is perfect to make the pouch.

Thirteen ideas to write on your fortune paper pouches:

  • Origami is tempting. Fall into temptation!
  • Focus and fold. You can do it!
  • Happiness takes work. Paper folders are happy people.
  • One who knows they have enough paper, is rich.
  • Shortcuts to success require scissors.
  • Try a new model. Now!
  • Every model is a gateway to a great experience.
  • Folding paper drives away grief.
  • Spread the wealth. Give away your origami.
  • One piece of paper today is worth two, tomorrow.
  • Living a full day includes learning a new model.
  • Simple is often more elegant and quite satisfying.
  • Bold journeys through mountains and valleys await you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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10 thoughts on “How to Make a Fortune Pouch That Your Guests Will Love”

  1. Such fun!! And like my fortune cookie…yours is calorie-free as well!! :-) I made some of these for our family party in Santa Fe, NM using theme wrapping paper lined (using a glue stick) with coordinating colored tissue paper. They looked so pretty and were a great hit. I am looking forward to using patterned holiday wrapping paper lined with tissue paper to make some favors with a good wish greeting and candies inside to hang on the tree. Thank you Lelya for your wonderful videos.

  2. hola leyla
    gracias esta muy bonito y practico este proyecto yo lo use como una caja para un regalo pequeño


  3. Dear Leyla:

    Thank you so much for the dedication; I am honoured.

    A wonderfully-elegant as well as fun and functional model. I always like a model that introduces a new concept. In this case, the silver rectangle.

    Exceptional work, as always, Leyla!



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