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Origami Halloween Goodie Bag

With the approach of the holiday season this festive origami twist box is an easy-to-make container for a small gift. Fold the box using red and green papers for Christmas or orange and black papers for Halloween. As a wedding favor the box could be folded with white or pastel colors; for a birthday party any bright and festive colors will do.

The box’s designer, David Martínez (Venezuela), developed this twist box while experimenting on how to divide a piece of paper in equal parts using methods described by Kazuo Haga, and Kunihiko Kasahara.

David folds his box  from an A4 proportioned rectangle, but in the following video we’ll start with a 7-inch square, divide it in five equal sections, and then cut out the rectangle.

Have a happy Treat-or-Trick time in Halloween!

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