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Origami Blue Butterfly Boxes

I must be dreaming of summer as my thoughts tend to butterflies.

Whenever I see a butterfly I remember the warm sweet smelling slopes of the Andes mountains of my native country, Colombia. I also remember that time a friend took me to the banks of a river and we watched thousands of butterflies hover and dance over stones at the river’s edge.

It was a magical moment. In it, I could see the character of Mauricio Babilonia being swarmed by butterflies in Gabriel García Márquez’s book, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Take a moment and fold this little butterfly box with me, in whatever color you wish, and celebrate the beauty of this lovely creature.

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Tips and Suggestions for the Origami Butterfly-Box

  • The butterfly is made with a rectangular piece of paper in the proportion of 2:1
  • Use paper with a different color on each side.
  • Kami paper is used in the video demonstration. This is a perfect paper to make this butterfly.
  • Cut in a half a square of paper 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm) to obtain two of the desired rectangles.
  • Go ahead, make yourself a rainbow of origami butterflies!

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  1. Dear Mrs. Torres
    I tried to contact on “contact” button. It was written use the “form below” but there was only codes not form. Then I tried to use google+ but it said it does not work anymore. I did not find email address so I uses this comment to inform u about these to in your website. But what was my reason to contact? It is a long time that Sara Adams does not update her site, I always check yours and hers. Is she Ok? I know that you are good friends. thanks a lot and good luck and best wishes.
    An origami amature


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