Origami and Science- Beyond a Delightful Activity for Children

Photo: James Webb Space Telescope (the most powerful space telescope ever built)

Did you know that origami techniques and methods are used in designing equipment such as solar space reflectors and other items related to space exploration?

Take a look at this online video ‘Virtual Astronomy Live’ at the Intrepid Museum on the topic of origami and space innovation.

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You are offered a very interesting chat with special guests Keith Parrish, observatory manager for the James Webb Space Telescope, and Dr. Charlene Morrow, past board chair of OrigamiUSA.

So, go ahead and share this post with your family or friends. Let them know how origami is not only a delightful activity for children and the young-at-heart but how useful and innovative it can be to contemporary space exploration!

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  1. Thank you for the info about the Virtual Astronomy Live about origami and space innovation. I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see it again with my hubby ( the science guy).


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