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Origamigos Hosts Origami Tessellation Artist Ben Parker

Ben Parker, an origami artist, and teacher spent some time with the Origamigos membership at the end of April.

During our online meeting, Ben shared his thoughts on origami both as a creator and teacher.

Hands-on bonus and special folding treat

Ben walked us through a tessellation demonstration drawing on ideas of technique and creativity examined in his book, “Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design” published early in 2021.

Have you ever wondered how origami tessellations are designed and folded? Purchase his excellent book to learn more about this fascinating corner of the origami universe.

Introducing the reader to origami tessellations and their place in the origami community, Ben’s Six Simple Twists: The Pleat Pattern Approach to Origami Tessellation Design begins with six basic forms and builds a strong understanding of pleat pattern technique for origami designs that is easily accessible to anyone who enjoys the geometry of paper. He also explores techniques accompanied by illustrations of tessellation examples, full-page images, and mathematical analysis of the patterns.

The second edition of Six Simple Twists is a marvelous expansion of the original; like the first edition, it provides an introduction to the vast, wide world of origami twist tessellations, with a focus on those based on a hexagonal grid. Through copious and detailed photographs, he shows not just the structure, but how individual folds are actuated, and then how they may be combined in beautiful ways. An expanded selection of photographs of works by worldwide artists provides both inspiration and challenge for the budding tessellator and experienced artist alike.” – Robert Lang, author of Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art

Other than practicing his art, Ben teaches high school mathematics to students with uncommon learning styles. He incorporates origami into his classes viewing this creative discipline as an entry into a vast network of diverse topics including education, engineering, mathematics, CNC fabrication, paper arts, fashion, and photography, among others. In the following TEDX talk, Ben explores the use of illusion in art as a way of creating mystery and engagement.

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Ben Parker was born in Pittsburgh and living in Connecticut Ben has studied origami tessellations since 2007. Exhibitions of his origami have included:

  • Chi Mei Museum (Tainan City, Taiwan)
  • La Escuela-Museo Origami (Zaragosa, Spain)
  • The Science Museum (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Museum of Mathematics (New York, NY)
  • Japan Information and Culture Center (Washington D.C.)
  • New Britain Museum of American Art (New Britain, CT)
  • Cooper Union Gallery (New York, NY)

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