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If you are looking to make an origami fox, you’re in the right place. The tutorial for the fox is here among tutorials for many other origami creatures!

Did you know that foxes live on every continent except Antarctica? In the wild, red foxes live in scrub and woodland. But since they are quite resourceful they have learned to thrive in urban, suburban, and rural settings alike.

As a cultural symbol, the fox represents intelligence, independence, playfulness and mischief, beauty, protection, and good fortune.

The cute origami fox presented here was created by my Italian friend Fabrizio Pianosi (Read more about him below).

In the following step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to make Fabrizio’s charming origami fox. Fabrizio kindly granted me permission to make this video.

In addition, you will learn an extra adaptation I made to transform one of the fox’s legs into a bushy tail that wraps around its legs. After all, the etymology of fox from old English and Proto-Germanic “fuhsaz” means thick-haired tail!

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“LOVE is a four-legged word”

Tips and suggestions for making the origami fox

  • In the video, the fox is demonstrated using “Kami” paper, a thin paper made especially for origami.
  • A good size paper to learn the model is 6×6-inch (15×15cm)
  • Many thin papers can be used to make this origami fox, including printer paper and the paper from a brown bag. Color the paper using this technique.
  • The finished paper fox shows both sides of the paper.

About Fabrizio Pianosi, Creator of the Origami Fox

Fabrizio currently works in a football school as a technical manager, directly supervising the training of about forty boys.

Origami came into his life hopping like a frog and he considers the journey undertaken in this magical art as a good omen. After the birth of his son, he started to devote more time to origami, initially to decorate his room.

Fabrizio has taught origami to enthusiasts in schools, recovery centers, and summer camps. He has also participated in several episodes of a television program for children.

Recently, having more time available, he started S … PIEGARE GLI ORIGAMI, a Facebook group that has become one of the main Italian reference points for origami.

Fabrizio Pianosi folds and shares many figures designed by himself and many artists from all over the world. He is increasingly fascinated by folding but above all by imagining the construction and design of origami and hence the idea of ​​inventing something of his own such as the origami fox presented in this post.

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Did the Little Prince tame the fox?

Origami Little Prince tutorial available within Origamigos, the OrigamiSpirit Membership

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