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Origami Designer and Teacher – Rob Snyder

Rob Snyder was invited as an OrigamiSpirit Membership guest speaker. During our hour-long session, Rob shared details about his life and work as an origami artist. Rob has been creating and sharing his unique origami models since 2015.

Rob’s original designs have been published by OrigamiUSA, the British Origami Society, the Spanish Origami Association, and The French Origami Society. He was invited as a special convention guest at the Origami Colombia convention 2019 (Cali, Colombia) and at the first Foldspace Origami Convention in October 2020. Rob currently teaches classes and workshops both online and in person.

“The models I design are the result of a process of asking questions, and playing with paper. I usually fold for a while without consciously thinking about what I’m doing. Then I ask myself “What does this look like?”, and I refine the model from there. I think of it like a Rorschach test for creating—seeing what I have, and what it reminds me of, and where I can tweak things to expand and refine the model. I’ll often fold the start of something, and then just study it from time to time over days or weeks, asking the partially folded paper on my desk, “What are you?” until I’m inspired to start the next steps in the creative process.”

Rob’s website is a rich resource for origami artists. It includes a gallery of his work, and a very special downloadable 44-page PDF booklet in which Rob articulates his thoughts on the design process, and shares 12 diagrammed models.

More information about Rob and his work can be found here, here, and here.

The interview with Rob Snyder and many other Origami-creator interviews are archived on Origamigos, the Origami Spirit Membership. Click the banner to find out more.

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