Origami Artist – Goran Konjevod

Goran Konjevod is a professional mathematician and theoretical computer scientist. He studied mathematics in his native Croatia at the University of Zagreb (B.S. 1995) and Carnegie Mellon University (M.S. 1998, Ph.D. 2000). Goran worked as a professor of computer science at Arizona State University from 2000 until 2010. Since 2010, he has worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Goran was a casual folder until 2005 when he began to seriously explore the creative possibilities of designing his own original origami models. Most of his work is abstract and based on the patterns created by pleat intersections and the natural tension of the paper when multiple layers are arranged according to regular or irregular patterns. In that sense, they could almost be said to be discovered, rather than invented or designed.

See more of Goran’s work on his WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM profile.

“My pleat tessellation pieces have been developed from a single form discovered by Paul Jackson. The experience of folding these pieces has helped me begin to understand how particular fold sequences interact and in a few cases, I have been able to visualize the final shape before starting to fold.”

“I try to restrict myself to working with single uncut sheets of paper or other foldable material (such as copper), and for the most part use very simple “pureland” folds. Normally, this last restriction would imply that the resulting forms are flat. However, a real sheet of paper is always three-dimensional—even when unfolded—and its thickness brings about a much more obvious three-dimensionality when multiple layers are present.”

Goran shared his ideas and experience about Origami and creativity with members of Origamigos, the Origami Spirit Membership. This interview, and many other interviews with Origami creators, are archived within the Origami Spirit Membership. Find out more by clicking here.

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