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Origami Video Tutorial – Little-Wing Envelope

A model design of Simon Andersen

An origami model titled "Little Wing Envelope" designed by Simon Anderson

Do you like to fold easy and practical origami models? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we have many easy models we know you’ll enjoy so be sure to visit our model collection for ORIGAMI BEGINNERS.

This model, the Little-Wings Envelope by Simon Andersen, is easy-to-fold, practical, and minimalistic. When we make it with a US letter-size, piece of paper, this model can be used to send cards during the holidays, or for invitations, or birthday greetings. With paper that is larger in size, this model can be used to present a diploma or award. Experiment with rectangles of approximately similar proportions but differently sized papers.

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An origami model titled "Little Wing Envelope"  designed by Simon Anderson

Tips and suggestions for making the origami Little-Wing Envelope

  • In the video, this model is demonstrated using US letter-size paper.
  • You can also use thin kami papers. If you cut off a 1-inch strip from a 6 x 6 square, the resulting rectangle will create an envelope measuring 3.3/8 x 2.5, just shy of the perfect size for an Artist Trading Card (ATC).
  • For a pleasing variation, the colors of each side can be different.

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