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Origami Video Tutorial – Stallion in the Wind

A model design of Simon Andersen

An origami model titled "Stallion in The Wind" designed by Simon Anderson

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A few years ago I had a creative origami exchange with the late Simon Andersen and one of the figures he shared with me was this horse. I named it Stallion in the Wind because of its graceful mane that appears to be waving in the wind.

I love this minimalistic model because the paper used is readily available, the reference points for folding it are unusual, and the resulting horse shape is elegant and stylized. It requires only a few folds and it is simple in line but it might present some challenges when folding it for the first time.

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Tips and suggestions for making the Stallion in the Wind

  • You need to use a US letter-size piece of paper or one in the same proportion.
  • Cutting the paper into quarters will produce rectangles in the same proportion as the larger sheet of paper.
  • A4 paper (Used in Europe and other regions), is a little bit narrower but longer and we need to scale it into US letter proportion. To scale it, cut a 2.5cm strip of paper off one side (Reference photo within the tutorial).
  • The Stallion in the Wind can be presented flat and is suitable for greeting cards.

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