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Origami Video Tutorial – Poppy Flower, Bud, and Stem

A model design of Leyla Torres

Do you like to fold origami flowers? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature origami models we know you’ll enjoy so be sure to visit the FLOWERS, FRUIT & FOOD GALLERY GALLERY.

Poppies are perfectly joyful to welcome the warm season. I developed this flower based on The Spanish Eye Flower, a previous design shared in this Origami Spirit post.

For the Poppy Flower, the basic design was modified by making it with pentagonal paper and varying some folding points of reference.

In addition, you can fold different buds and stems to make a flat composition suitable for a greeting card.

Would you like to learn how to fold this model?

The tutorial is found inside Origamigos, our sister site for members.

… and learn to fold The Poppy Flower, Bud, and Stem, and many other models too!

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Origami terms to note:

  • Multi-Piece Origami: Describes a model created with two or more sheets of differently folded paper.
  • Pinch Mark: A tiny guideline mark that is made by folding and “pinching.”
  • Reverse a fold: to turn a valley fold into a mountain fold, or a mountain fold into a valley fold.
  • Squash fold: Describes opening or separating two layers of paper, then pressing and flattening to make the fold. 
  • Twist fold: A fold that causes the pater to move or/and collapse with a turning motion.

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