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Video Tutorial – Turkey Box

A model design of Leyla Torres

Do you like to fold origami boxes and containers? You’re in luck! Here at Origami Spirit, we feature boxes, containers, and many other models we’re sure you’ll enjoy. You can find more origami models in this gallery >>> HERE

In the US, celebrating Thanksgiving at the end of November marks the beginning of the winter Holiday season. Many families gather to have a feast that includes a baked turkey.

The box, the tail, and the sleeve of this model are made with square pieces of paper and all the same size. In addition, we can make a tail from a dollar bill or other paper currency, which is a nice way to leave a tip for a restaurant server.

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Tips and suggestions for making the Turkey Box

  • Use one piece of paper for the box, one for the sleeve, and one (or two) for the tail. A good paper size to use when learning the model is 6 × 6-inch (15 × 15 cm)
  • Ideally, thicker stock such as Tant or Canson should be used to make the box itself.
  • The finished bird shows mainly one side of the paper with the reverse side color in the interior.
  • The finished sleeve shows both sides of the paper.

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