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Origami Video Tutorial – Papiroflecta

This Paper Folder, “Papiroflecta,” an origami model design by Oscar Rojas, is a tribute to those who love paper folding as expressed in the art of origami and offered here with the permission of the designer.

The folding process includes compound folds, such as a swivel fold, so be ready to accept this modest challenge and remember: origami teaches us patience and rewards those who persevere!

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Tips and suggestions for making the Papiroflecta

  • A piece of paper US or A4 letter size (any color).
  • US legal size is also a good option as it is even larger.
  • Cut your paper into a 2 x 1 rectangle. (Demonstrated in the video)
  • Letter-size paper might be thick. When folding several layers of paper proceed carefully and slowly.

Origami terms to note:

  • Pinch Mark: A tiny mark that is made by folding.
  • Precrease: Marking the paper by folding and unfolding it. When we pre-crease, we are setting the stage for later steps in the folding process. Precreases are usually made when we begin a set of folds.
  • Reverse a fold: to turn a fold from valley into mountain or the other way around, mountain into a valley
  • Swivel fold: An asymmetrical squash fold.

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