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Limón Limón – Origami, Music, and Conversation

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Limón Limón is an Indie Future duo based in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from classic pop, alternative rock and electronic genres, the group creates timeless songs that bring people together from all over the world.

The duo are the musicians and composers Jason Gallo-Gaffner (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) and Rand Bellar (Keys, Synths, Drums)

They created a lovely song, Origami, and asked if I would create a video, using origami images, to accompany the song. We had a conversation where we shared thoughts about our collaboration, the creative process, origami, and music.

Limón Limón WEBSITE, YouTube, Instagram.

“Origami allows your mind to kind of wander and ruminate on ideas, maybe it is something romantic, maybe it is a dream or other creative endeavor… But I think that the inspiration is that you are sitting and doing this thing that is very zen and relaxing but your mind is allowed to wander and daydream.”

~Rand Bellar

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