14 Suggestions for Finished Origami Models

What can we do with that ever-increasing inventory of finished origami models? Here are some ideas: 1.Document If you like a particular model, keep one that’s nicely folded and on it write the model name, the designer, and where to find diagrams. 2. Display Photograph models and share them on personal Flickr and Facebook albums. … Read more

My Memories of Akira Yoshizawa

The 14th of March this year was a special day for all of us in the origami community: it was the centenary anniversary of the birth of Akira Yoshizawa, origami grandmaster, who is considered by many as the father of modern origami. In 1997 I had the opportunity to meet Master Yoshizawa, in person, when … Read more

In the Spirit of Origami

A few nights ago, my husband captured this quiet moment as I folded paper. Origami is a gentle source of joy and inner peace. . . . . Photo © John Sutton . . . .

Health Benefits of Origami

This article was written and shared in the Origami-List by Larry Woodand is posted here by permission.—— Can the folding of paper or the practice of Origami be of benefit to our health? Yes, the practice of Origami can be beneficial to our health. A recent AARP (American Association of Retired People) article entitled, “Boost Your … Read more

Ten Reasons to Practice Origami

Origami is portable. You can practice it anywhere. Origami relieves stress. You can focus on the present moment and feel at peace. It is meditative. Origami is affordable. You don’t need expensive materials. Origami is artistic. It’s poetry with paper. You can play with colors, textures  and shapes. You can even put out a performance! … Read more