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Typogami, a Font Inspired by Origami

SOURCE  Typogami from Jeroen Krielaars on Vimeo. Typogami is an animated typeface created in Adobe After Effects. The characters are inspired by origami and kirigami. Clever and ingenious typeface, I’m sure Typogami will be perfect for those working on a project in need of a contemporary do-it-yourself look. Typogami typeface is available for free … Read more


Papyrusbrunnen is a water fountain made of the bronze sculptures of several origami models. It is located in the center of the town of Mannheim, Germany, and is the creation of sculptor Gernot Rumpf. The Papyrusbrunnen fountain was donated to the town by the paper company PWA, a manufacturer of tissue, transport packaging, and graphic … Read more

Inviting Chaos Into a Creative Life

I love the creative potential of a “clean slate”.  An annual ritual of mine is to begin the year with a tidy worktable. Of course just as I’ve finished organizing my studio and put everything in its place, a new project appears. Soon enough there is a blizzard of papers and materials flying all over … Read more